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Burg Eltz. by vw1956
Fishermen's paradise - IV by DimensionSeven
Pagoda at Dusk - Infrared by SteveCampbell
The Cherry Tree by MichaelMagin
February 2017
Byways CXLIX by eprowe
Mirador by elopan
Mesa Arch II by eprowe
Mesa Arch I by eprowe
Magic Infrared DD's
Barcelona IR - III by DimensionSeven
Dream Garden by PauloPPereira
Infrared Jungle by insolitus85
Infrared colors by mugurelm
Magic People

Mature Content

Nathalia 0955 IR by TWPhotos

Mature Content

Nathalia 0931 IR by TWPhotos
Expedition by mIkeschwaRz

Mature Content

Shell Back by robpolder
Magic Trees
Winter Mequite by rylstone
Walking in Whiteland 8 by MatthiasHaltenhof
Fade to light by DimensionSeven
Blonde on Blonde by DimensionSeven
Magic Landscapes
A winter's day by AngelsOdyssey
.. by Rizone
Deserted by amberstudios
Bolsterlanger Horn by mIkeschwaRz
Magic Flowers, Leaves and Plants
fir in my garden by tsahel
Infrared Lensbaby XI by LDFranklin
Dew Drops on an Oak Leaf - My 1st IR-versary Photo by Aya-no-Shrink-Ray
T for Taos by robpolder
Magic Animals
The Peahen and her Daughter by Aya-no-Shrink-Ray
Coypu by bamboomix
Moro-Sphynx by bamboomix
Julian by Aya-no-Shrink-Ray
Magic Panoramas
cold way by elopan
Kralingse Zoom by Sercy
Calm before strom (INFRARED) by jeje62
Highlands infrared... by MichiLauke
Magic Town Scapes
Cross Keys Panorama1 by Wayman
IR Bay Window by LDFranklin
Margam Abbey by amberstudios
Guys Cliffe at sunrise. by amberstudios
Magic Analog Photos
Enchanted Lake 2 by ivoturk
Liminal space by visibleinvisible
Tutorials,Tests and Techniques
Infrared test D200, with story by harrietsfriend
Experimental and Manipulations
Exploding by bamboomix
Best of 10 Years of IR PHOTOS of r72
The Cherry Tree by MichaelMagin
Challenge Parks and Cemeteries
Return to frozen island by seba-j
Challenge People
111/365: IR/Lev VII - Contagion by jblaschke
Challenge City Trees
Alt-Tegel Berlin infrared by MichiLauke
Challenge Square B+W
IR Parisian History X -BW Square edit by IRphotogirl
2012 Contest Magic Trees
Twisted by Leucareth
Admin Special
Rivendell by mIkeschwaRz
IR Post Processing Contests
IR.Valley by mIkeschwaRz
IR Post Processing Contest Jan 2017
Under the blue planet by tsahel

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Forbidden Love by werol
Spring Greetings infrared by MichiLauke
Heart of the Country by Redxibi
japanese garden by BrianWolfe
Personal Gallery abdulicart
merkez park7 by abdulicart
IR CU Uni by abdulicart
brpestilence - re-edit by abdulicart
merkez park3 by abdulicart
Personal Gallery Anrold
Panorama Hibernatus by Anrold
Hibernatus I by Anrold
Mont des Alouettes I by Anrold
Martinique 1 by Anrold
Personal Gallery Argolith
Infrared Park 4 by Argolith
Beneath Black Skies by Argolith
A Purple Dream by Argolith
Cotton Candy Land by Argolith
Personal Gallery calanjackal
Reed Park Infrared Panorama by calanjackal
Park Infrared Panorama by calanjackal
Personal Gallery Coopyslav
strobile by Coopyslav
black squirrel by Coopyslav
little pine by Coopyslav
clowns by Coopyslav
Personal Gallery DGE-Photography
Gothic Temple... by DavidCraigEllis
.: St Athans Chapel :. by DavidCraigEllis
.: Infrared Machine :. by DavidCraigEllis

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Infra Kitty III by DavidCraigEllis
Personal Gallery DimensionSeven
Infrascapes in Somogy - IX by DimensionSeven
Infrascapes in Somogy - X by DimensionSeven
Infrascapes in Somogy - XI by DimensionSeven
Peach trees by DimensionSeven
Personal Gallery d-minutiv
Zrinjevac by d-minutiv
Rowboats by d-minutiv
Shadow by d-minutiv
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Jones Farm In IR by Earthymoon
IR Painting by Earthymoon
Lu in IR by Earthymoon
Good Morning IR Pan 24x36 mode by Earthymoon
Personal Gallery gilad
Somewhere Down The Crazy River by gilad
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Dreaming Blue by helios-spada
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The Sun Voyager by hellmet
Personal Gallery IngoSchobert
Where Dreams Are Born by IngoSchobert
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wooden church - infrared by Konczey-Zsolt
Personal Gallery La-Vita-a-Bella
Infrared Pond by La-Vita-a-Bella
Personal Gallery MichiLauke
Thai Schoolyard Tree infrared by MichiLauke
Personal Gallery mIkeschwaRz
Lost Asel Bridge by mIkeschwaRz
Personal Gallery Okavanga
IR - Macro 3 - Thistle by Okavanga
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On the Wall by Phostructor
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austrian trees 1 by sorny
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Storm Lake Infrared by swiftmoonphoto
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lakeside doodle by vw1956
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Barnes Park HDRi IR by Wayman
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breathe by werol

Best of r72 January 2017 - Update

Journal Entry: Wed Feb 1, 2017, 6:01 PM
Hello members, and Happy New Year!  I hope everyone is finding the new year to their liking.  

And we have a tie, congratulations to two winners this month:

by MatthiasHaltenhof :iconmatthiashaltenhof::
Walking in Whiteland 8 by MatthiasHaltenhof

by DimensionSeven  :icondimensionseven::
Blonde on Blonde by DimensionSeven

I know that the title of this blog is "Best of January 2017", but the truth of the matter is that January isn't a great month for IR.  Everything is cold and dead in the northern hemisphere, and it's much too hot to be mucking about taking photos in Australia.

So, that said, may I present, without further ado:

ALL! of :iconr72: January 2017:party::clap:



First up, we have eprowe who is usually one of our more dependable submittors, and is the photographer who most of gives us the stock photos for the Post Processing contests we do.  eprowe hails from the American Southwest; which, while beautiful, isn't exactly a land of dense leafy forests and grassy fields.  So the doldrums of January haven't much slowed him down.

eprowe is a master of finding lonely stretches of road which stretch away into the horizon, while they are often similar, each one makes me think or feel something different.

Byways CXLVI by eprowe Byways CXLV by eprowe Byways CXLIII by eprowe Byways CXLIV by eprowe Byways CXLII by eprowe

He also recently took a trip to Arches National Park, which I very much recommend if you are ever in the area (it is where my wife and I had our honeymoon), and got these unique IR photos of the natural rock formations:

Double Arch by eprowe Balanced Rock III by eprowe Balanced Rock I by eprowe

He also got this shot nearby, and it is really worth looking at full scale and looking for the moon.  

Bonsai at Needles Overlook by eprowe



Next is one of my favorite photographers robpolder who is also less affected by the season due to the fact that he specializes in infrared portraiture

four-IR by robpolder bodysuit IR by robpolder hair IR by robpolder

I am especially impressed with the creativity in these two shots, I love the use of shells to suggest vertebrae.  Which, when paired with IR, makes for a wonderfully surreal, but beautiful, look:  

Mature Content

Day Night by robpolder

Mature Content

Shell Back by robpolder



mIkeschwaRz has been keeping busy this month processing photos taken earlier in the year.  He appears to be playing around with a glow effect which I quite like.

Expedition by mIkeschwaRz Bolsterlanger Horn by mIkeschwaRz Monastery Allerheiligen Garden by mIkeschwaRz



amberstudios contributed three very different kinds of shots from low-angle and foggy to crisp and deep, which is impressive in it's own right, and shows someone who isn't afraid to experiment, but also really understands light.

Guys Cliffe at sunrise. by amberstudios Deserted by amberstudios Margam Abbey by amberstudios



DimensionSeven can always be counted on to contribute high quality art, whether it be exactly the right colors, or exactly the right photo for no colors at all, DimensionSeven is one of those guys who is as much artist as photographer and inspires us with every piece.

Blonde on Blonde by DimensionSeven Fade to light by DimensionSeven



LDFranklin reached way back to 2010 to find some photos to process.  She was doing some interesting things with a lensbaby back then, I don't usually care for lensbaby stuff, but in this one, she managed to capture a neat depth of focus "ring" which is intriguing.

IR Bay Window by LDFranklin Infrared Lensbaby XI by LDFranklin



Also in the infrared portraiture realm we have TWPhotos who brings a great deal of expertise in the artistic nude arena to the IR format.  I hope to see more from him in the future.

Mature Content

Nathalia 0955 IR by TWPhotos

Mature Content

Nathalia 0931 IR by TWPhotos



I particularly like the composition of this piece from MatthiasHaltenhof.

Walking in Whiteland 8 by MatthiasHaltenhof



tsahel  is new to the group this month and has already won our post-processing competition.  This is her first attempt at IR and is pretty impressive given that, and how challenging the 850nm wavelength can be.

fir in my garden by tsahel



rylstone contributed this shot, which is very impressive because it is shot into the sun.  I have had nothing but frustration shooting IR into the sun, but he makes this seem effortless.

Winter Mequite by rylstone



Rizone is a master of waterscapes, infrared or otherwise.  I'm in awe of the sharpness in this image despite the long exposure.

.. by Rizone



Wayman paired IR with a wide angle to give us this lovely shot.

Cross Keys Panorama1 by Wayman



AngelsOdyssey made the most of a winter's day and the good old r72 filter to get this classic IR look.

A winter's day by AngelsOdyssey



visibleinvisible is new to our group and DA, but it looks like she is an accomplished IR photographer.  She is also one of our photographers from south of the equator so I, for one, hope she gets out and gets some photos, February looks to be pretty slow.  Be sure to check out her gallery.

Liminal space by visibleinvisible


And that's it for the month.  Be sure to vote in the Best of January Poll here….

Keep learning, keep shooting, and keep submitting.

:iconswiftmoonphoto: swiftmoonphoto

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IR Post Processing Contest January 2017 - Update

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 15, 2017, 9:22 PM
Welcome to :iconr72:'s Special Contest for January 2017 created by the r72 admins.

Congratulations to this month's winner :icontsahel: tsahel with the following submission:

Under the blue planet by tsahel

Amazing amazing work submitted by all those involved.  Keep your eyes peeled for next month's edition.


Ok everyone lets fire up another round of our IR Post Processing Contest.  This month :iconeprowe: eprowe has decided to contribute a raw image for the January 2017 installment of our contest.

We hope you've liked the previous contests and participate in this January edition.

Here we go with the raw image:

r72 - IR Post Processing Contest January 2017 by eprowe

How to apply?
1. Download the original raw image here:
2. Create your art
3. Upload your completed piece to the "IR Post Processing Contest Jan 2017" folder
4. Submissions will be accepted until the 24th
5. The poll to choose a winner starts on the 24th and ends on the 29th
6. Winners are announced on the 30th
7. That´s it...

Here is my non-competitive version of this image:

Artists Version by eprowe

I hope you enjoy!

Thank you for reading
:iconeprowe: eprowe

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- Poor compositions
- Disturbing watermarks (e.g. big dA watermark, or watermark in center of image)
- Non-infrared images or a non infrared "feeling" in the pictures

By declining an image we do not want to discourage your work or your future submissions. Please spend time in our galleries and feel free to ask questions about techniques used to achieve images that impress you.

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