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Best of July 2014 please vote! 

12 deviants said Crossroads II by myINQI
9 deviants said Summer Evening Talk in Berlin by MichiLauke
3 deviants said IR selfie... by vw1956
3 deviants said Budapest - IR XVIII (Budapest Noir) by DimensionSeven
2 deviants said Byways XII by eprowe
2 deviants said Edertalsperre Flakstellung (Edersee Dam Flakview) by mIkeschwaRz
2 deviants said Carl in Infrared by La-Vita-a-Bella
2 deviants said Bruntis Loch Trees by Okavanga
2 deviants said Wishing Creek by helios-spada
1 deviant said Huddersfield Uni (I-R) rld 02 dasm by richardldixon

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Best of July 2014

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 30, 2014, 4:00 AM
Update: Winner of the July Poll...

We proudly present the winning photograph selected by the Best of July 2014 poll:

Crossroads II by myINQI




Welcome to :iconr72:'s Best of July feature infrared pictures selected by r72 admins.

 Summer has come to the northern hemisphere and the submissions increase and show a high level of IR photography. A lot of excellent contributions from the r72 members were submitted within a short time to r72. Also the new challenge "STARS" enhances the spectrum of IR art and shows fantastic shots of nebulars, the milky way, and the origin of life and r72 community at all :) - please keep going on in this way...

I hope you like our choices; keep learning, keep shooting, and keep submitting!

A lot of great submissions r72 received from :iconmyinqi:myINQI :

Crossroads II by myINQI White Trees Part VII by myINQI White Trees Part V by myINQI Knoblauchsland by myINQI Yellow Field II by myINQI


As always great IR shots were presented from :iconvw1956:vw1956 :

Wipe the windows, check the oil, dollar gas... by vw1956 Angel by vw1956 angel2 by vw1956 IR selfie... by vw1956 water lily by vw1956


Furthermore, colorful compositions are given by :iconhelios-spada:helios-spada :

Wishing Creek by helios-spada Forgotten Bridge by helios-spada Far Away And Lost by helios-spada


:iconeprowe:eprowe presented endless moments in excellent b&w IR :

 Byways XII by eprowe Derelict Tractor by eprowe


Myself :iconmikeschwarz:mIkeschwaRz experimented with a new rebuilt DSLR and new filters and received great results of IR shots :

 .on.the.highway.home by mIkeschwaRz Final.Edersee.tree by mIkeschwaRz Winter Barley Harvest by mIkeschwaRz Edertalsperre Flakstellung (Edersee Dam Flakview) by mIkeschwaRz Viermund Castle by mIkeschwaRz


As always epic and powerful IR shots are given by :iconrichardldixon:richardldixon :

Huddersfield's Lion (infra red) rld 01 dasm by richardldixon Britania Building St Georges Square (Infra red) rl by richardldixon Huddersfield Uni (I-R) rld 02 dasm by richardldixon Britannia Building Huddersfield (Infra red) rld 1 by richardldixon


A great collection of Budapest IR City was published by :icondimensionseven:DimensionSeven :

 Budapest - IR XLI (Budapest Noir) by DimensionSeven Budapest - IR XXXVIII (Budapest Noir) by DimensionSeven Budapest - IR XXIV (Budapest Noir) by DimensionSeven Budapest - IR XVIII (Budapest Noir) by DimensionSeven


:iconla-vita-a-bella:La-Vita-a-Bella gave us this great Pixar IR shot :

    Carl in Infrared by La-Vita-a-Bella


:iconokavanga:Okavanga presented a lot of R-IR (red-infrared) images with an absolutely surreal feeling :

  Bruntis Loch Trees by Okavanga


Finally, :iconmichilauke:MichiLauke shows a stunning b&w IR image with a great contrast :

  Summer Evening Talk in Berlin by MichiLauke

Please be sure to vote for your favorites here:…

Thank you for reading, :iconmikeschwarz: mIkeschwaRz

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Best of Infrared of June 2014

Journal Entry: Sun Jun 29, 2014, 9:52 PM
And the winner of this month's poll is:

byssus by sorny

Big congrats to :iconsorny:sorny!

Hello members of the :iconr72:r72 Infrared photography group, and welcome to our Best of June monthly showcase feature.

June was a very good month for us not just in terms of quantity, but of quality.  In fact about 1/3rd of all this month's submissions were nominated by our admins for this feature.  And since this is a photography group and not a small talk group, without further ado, here they are:


eprowe continues showcasing the beauty of the American Southwest:

Byways VIII by eprowe}{Byways X by eprowe}{Byways VII by eprowe}{Parched by eprowe}{Byways IX by eprowe


vw1956 demonstrated his great range, capturing great IR shots of many different kinds of subject:

lily... by vw1956}{Trip by vw1956}{SpringWP by vw1956}{Felix30 Experimentation by vw1956}{Apfel-Allee by vw1956


Okavanga brings us this interesting variation of IR photography in which he uses a red filter on top of an IR converted camera to yield this unique effect (as a side note, his many journals are a great resource for those of us who are interested in the science of light and photography [looking at you IRphotogirl]) :

Bruntis Loch by Okavanga


robpolder continues his mastery of human IR photography along with a very well timed areal shot:

Jump by robpolder}{Dream Away by robpolder


sorny has a clean gritty style and handles color contrasts very well:

byssus by sorny


EdenSight is an up and coming IR photographer who has an eye for combining clouds and trees:

Winds of Fire by EdenSight


Zenith1 brings us this beautiful image of a great example of Slovenian architecture:

Church of St. Michael by Zenith1


drhussamm does exceptionally beautiful traditional black and white IR work:

Lost in Translation by drhussamm}{Silver by drhussamm}{Bridge by drhussamm


farigiovanni is experimenting with different IR color channel mixing and is coming up with some very nice colors:

Regent's Lake 4 by farigiovanni


myINQI uses excellent composition to show classic cotton candy trees to best effect:

White Trees Part I by myINQI}{Audi TT IR Part I by myINQI


I experimented with shooting starscapes in IR which I recommend trying yourself (post your results in this folder -… :

Infrared Starscape over Mono Lake by swiftmoonphoto


Metal-Bender uses IR and her own unique eye to shoot every-day scenes that are as beautiful as they are creepy:

Empty Chair, Empty House by Metal-Bender


PauloPPereira  gives us an excellent example of that "other world" that IR can bring to light:

Feel Free by PauloPPereira


Amoakk uses IR to magnify emotion:

Intense by Amoakk


helios-spada uses color to incredible effect in IR images:

Vanishing Red by helios-spada}{Laguna de Oro by helios-spada}{Addicks Forest by helios-spada


white-white combines IR with a long exposure to give us this beautiful and dreamy shot:

Atlantic 3 by white-white


and finally,
TWPhotos uses IR to show the human body in a slightly different way:

MC Arthur 0246 IR by TWPhotos}{MC Arthur 0228 IR by TWPhotos

Thanks to all our staff and members for making this a successful month.  Keep learning and keep shooting.

And remember to vote for your favorite image in our poll here:…

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Please indicate in the description of the deviation what ir technique you used - e.g. filter, converted camera, other.

Reasons for declining a submission include:
- Bad lighting conditions
- Over- or underexposures
- Lack of sharpness
- Poor compositions
- Disturbing watermarks (e.g. big dA watermark, or watermark in center of image)
- Non-infrared images or a non infrared "feeling" in the pictures

By declining an image we do not want to discourage your work or your future submissions. Please spend time in our galleries and feel free to ask questions about techniques used to achieve images that impress you.

The making of infrared photos you can find in our tutorial gallery folder -->>… and in gilad's journal -->>… .

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richardldixon Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2014
why have some of my uploads been accepted and others neither accepted or rejected  merely ignored ?
swiftmoonphoto Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
Our apologies.  I think it is probably that the admins were on the fence as to whether they wanted to vote yes or no and sometimes things get forgotten.  If you comment on the particular entries those of us who haven't voted can take another look.  If they have expired please re-submit.
IRphotogirl Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2014  Student Photographer
I'll be honest and say that I kind of pity the admin in charge for the best of june here... Why? Because 99 per cent of this month IR submissions deserve to be part of the selection!! Good luck to my fellow admin at the end of the month, picking only a few captures will be tough :nod: :rose:
vw1956 Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
The support by the members seems to be a bit poor this month!
Argolith Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
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vw1956 Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
Both the number of submissions and commenting on others work!
Argolith Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
Maybe it's just a statistical phenomenon and the situation will improve soon.
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IRphotogirl Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2013  Student Photographer
Skies are blue:pull the other one! :D

My latest journal entry is here:

I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it, cheers!

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MichiLauke Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2013   Photographer
Interesting discussion!
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thx, you are invited there as well Michi!
cheers :)
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